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Sciatic pain can be anything from just a nuisance to a debilitating pain. It can also be caused by many different things, which is why it’s also best to have a doctor diagnose the cause. We are going to take a look at some of the most common causes and what you can do to find relief from your sciatic pain.

By far, the most common cause of sciatic pain is a tight or spasm’d piriformis muscle. This muscle acts as a pelvic stabilizer, assists in abduction of the leg and leg rotation. The sciatic nerve can get compressed and pinched by this muscle, when the muscle gets too tight. This muscle tension can be caused by many things, the most usual of which is spending too much time sitting; such as sitting at a computer all day or taking frequent, long road trips. This muscle tension can also be caused by problems in the lower back, poor posture, an abnormal gait due to another injury, sitting with your legs crossed, exercising without stretching, etc. When you visit our clinic, we can help determine if this is the cause of your sciatic pain and can help you identify and correct the underlying cause of the muscle tension.

The following stretches are good for relieving tension or spasm of the piriformis muscle, and in many cases can relieve your sciatic pain: (It is always best to come in, so we can make sure you are doing the stretches correctly)

How can chiropractic help sciatica?

We’ve discussed how sciatica can be caused by piriformis muscle tension, and some of the causes for that tension. When the sacroiliac joint is subluxated (more on that here), the muscles that function as movers and stabilizers for that joint can get over-worked, and over-worked muscles can get very tight. As chiropractors, we correct this issue through spinal adjustments. We also provide exercise therapy and therapeutic modalities, such as electric muscle stim, to help the muscle relax, heal and strengthen in order to prevent recurrence of this disorder.

Lumbar spinal subluxations or sacroiliac subluxations can also put pressure on nerves that contribute to the sciatic nerve bundle. Compression of these nerves as they exit the spinal column can also lead to sciatic pain. These subluxations can cause either direct pressure on the nerves or indirect pressure by causing inflammation (swelling) in the area, which in turn puts pressure on the nerve. This is more difficult to treat than sciatica caused by the piriformis muscle, as stretching and medication usually does not completely or permanently alleviate the symtpoms, such as pain and numbness traveling down the leg.

Of course, there are more serious causes of sciatic pain, which require a medical doctor or chiropractor to diagnose. If you have persistent sciatic pain that does not resolve on it’s own, it is important to get it diagnosed by a professional.

Conventional medicine would provide muscle relaxers, pain killers and anti-inflammatories. This only treats the symptoms, though…. which is great, who wants to be in pain, right! Well, what about the underlying issue that caused the inflammation, muscle spasms and pain? Sorry, that problem is still there, and is likely to cause symptoms again and may lead to further or worsening issues down the road.

At Dynamic Spine & Rehab, we find and correct the underlying cause for sciatica and will even help you develop lifestyle changes to prevent having this problem again.

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Dr. Jewett is the best chiropractor in Savannah Ga. The treatment is impeccable. My back and neck treatments are awesome. I highly recommend his services to anyone with neck or back pain!!!
tanya cooper
21:16 29 Mar 17
I think he is a current version of "Hypocrites".My back pain dramatically is on its way to be cured.Everyday I experience changes and me getting better.Awesome and super kind. Strongly recommend this clinic.
22:10 27 Jan 17
I have been treating with Dr Jewett for a little over a month now. His office is clean and he's friendly. I was rear ended and in a substantial amount of pain. He assisted me with relieving most of my pain so far. I highly recommend him as your Chiropractor. Dr. Jewett rocks!!
Rita Thomas
22:10 31 Mar 17
Excellent chiropractic ability. Does NOT over prescribe. Treats issues and other areas as needed . Not a hard sell.
Connie Kulp
21:21 16 Jan 17
My name is Elizabeth Tippett and i love Dr. Jewett. He is very amazing!!! I would Highly recommend Dynamic Spine & Rehab. He definitely helped me with my back problem. He is very informative and truly tries to help you get better as quickly as your injury allows. I have been going 3 times a week for about a month and will continue to go until he releases me. If I ever need therapy again he will always be the first i call. And the receptionist always helps me with scheduling. With a smile. She is simply amazing as well!!!
Beth C
22:49 18 Nov 16
Dr. Jewett has been very professional and thorough during the process of my rehab. He is very knowledgeable and he answers all questions I ask about my treatment. He is also very humorous which tends to make my rehab more bearable. Amanda is great and very helpful. The staff has a great rapport with each other and seems to also have great respect for each other. I would recommend Dynamic Spine and Rehab to everyone. 11/15/17: Dr. Jewett is a great Doctor. He is an even better person. He shows genuine concern for his patients' health and well being during and after the rehab process. I will always remember my rehab process with great fondness even though it was very painful, because of his care. I would continue to recommend Dynamic Spine and Rehab to everyone.
pam spivey
14:02 15 Nov 17
I've had some bad experiences with chiropractors. But he is not one. he definitely knows what he's doing. I have carpal tunnel and he's really help me out a lot my thumb was asleep for three days and by the time I walked out of there it was back to normal. He could have easily told me to come back twice a week with the pain I was in but he recommended something else that didn't make him a dime. He's honest and truly wants to help, I totally trust him.
Scott Scheib
13:42 22 Sep 17
Really like this doctor. He has me feeling at home. I highly recommend his services. Cedric l Melton
Bobbie Rynolds
16:34 17 Oct 17
We chose Dr. Jewett based on his many high reviews but after our first visit with him, we want to warn others to please find a better chiropractor. We were very disappointed with Dr. Jewett’s listening skills. At our first appointment with him, he spent very little time before jumping to a diagnosis, without even viewing x-rays. We have received wonderful care from several chiropractors in the Atlanta area, so we know how beneficial good chiropractic care can be. When I called to express my disappointment, not only did the receptionist hang up on me, but when the doctor returned my call, he took little time to listen or understand my concerns. He actually thought it was a “self-esteem” issue, and not about the wrong diagnosis and treatment. We have seen great, visible changes in my son’s back under correct spinal care, so we know there are much better chiropractors out there. Please go find someone who can actually help you improve.
Susan H
23:34 22 Sep 17
There is something special about this place. Dr. Jon has an amazing staff supporting him. I arrived on the recommendation of a family member. After having been rear ended at a red light, I definitely had acute cervical/ lumbar pain. But between the awesome services and knowledgable staff, I was feeling better in no time! Never had chiropractic, exercise training, or massage therapy before visiting and it honestly changed my life! (That change being I was so impressed that now I have become a holistic health professional to bring others joy! CPT/ LMT) Everyone was very knowledgable in their areas of specialty and seemed to genuinely care. Not just about my journey getting better, but even about me as a person, lifestyle included. In my honest opinion, if you want the best and most effective injury treatment in the Savannah area, Dynamic is the place to go!!! Tell them Dominic sent you!
Dominic Tolbert
09:53 06 Nov 17
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